Teri & Joe

Early March found the Leafturner team driving north when the frost was still on the ground and a mist hung in the air.

It was to be a training day with Aspire, a great training team based in Kirby Lonsdale who specialise in hands-on training with trainers who are highly-knowledgable in their chosen subject.

Aspire pride themselves on often working with “real people” for their shoots whether it be couples, babies or children. The training course we were joining, Shotgun Weddings, incorporates elements of the engagement shoot¬†(getting to know your couple), wedding shoot (low light and churches) following into a second day which is all about the business of wedding photography.

Our couple for the day, Teri and Joe, were no exception when it came to the real couple. Teri is a photographer herself, specialising in children and family lifestyle shoots. Joe is both a music teacher and musician. Neither have any formal background in modelling, with Teri volunteering when she heard that a couple were needed for the shoot.

Married for two years, they had an easy rapport with each other and being in front of small groups, so they easily got on with us. They were naturals! Laughing and joking in front of the cameras and whispering to each other whilst we figured out the best angles given the low light, they provided an insight into how laid back an engagement shoot really ought to be.

Moving onto the church, the only thing missing was the minister and the choir but even the coolness of the afternoon didn’t threaten the happy couple’s demeanour. They remained happy and accommodating throughout the afternoon all the way up to the sunset.

I followed up with Teri after the event and sent through some shots of their day. I hear they’re now framed as reminders of the fun they had.

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